• A road map to digital transformation

    A road map to digital transformation

    It’s surprising how little is understood about digital transformation — and the profound organizational shifts it entails. In the interest of clarifying matters, we’ll review four important areas for analysis and share a handy checklist.

  • Swimming in the deep

    Swimming in the deep

    Organizations and their leaders must manage both their own emotions and those of others in different ways. It used to be that they could do this in successive steps, but now they have to manage everyone’s emotions at once.

  • Efficiency as we knew it, is dead

    Efficiency as we knew it, is dead


    In the world of work, we’re increasingly talking about hybrid office models. Yet we often do so within a framework that’s resistant to change. What’s the secret behind a truly hybrid, irregular model? 

    Today we have to ask a question we haven’t asked in over 200 years: why should our collaborators come to the office? Since the Second Industrial Revolution (1850-1914), it hasn’t been necessary to even pose this […]

  • Tick tock, tick tock

    Tick tock, tick tock


    In the post-pandemic era, we’re starting to measure time with a different kind of clock. Every passing second forces us to make radical decisions in order for our organizations to survive.

    Its invention came and went, and very few people realized it marked the beginning of the modern era. But if we think about it, we’ll find it was this wafer-thin innovation — and not, say, the steam engine — that was directly […]

  • Why does Elon Musk talk about colonizing Mars?

    Why does Elon Musk talk about colonizing Mars?


    The creator of Tesla and co-founder of Paypal has dared to dream of a utopia. This is what all entrepreneurs should be doing. And the pandemic has only reminded us of the value of ambitious thinking.

  • Untapping the potential of women

    Untapping the potential of women


    Man reached the Moon in 1969 propelled by the mathematical calculations of Katherine Johnson (1918-2020). Security forces have worn bulletproof vests since the discovery of Kevlar by Stephanie Kwolek (1923-2014) while working at Dupont. Automobiles have been safer since windshield wipers were invented by Mary Anderson (1962-1954). And food certainly lasts longer with the vacuum method of canning created by […]

  • The pandemic’s “Avatar effect”

    The pandemic’s “Avatar effect”


    In Spain, telecommuting has become a powerful tool for allowing people with disabilities to work from home.

    The fight against Covid-19 has taught us some surprising lessons. Among the most important is that there are no longer any physical barriers preventing talent from flourishing. Inclusive culture has arrived like an unexpected guest. And as has happened many times before, the movies predicted this would be […]

  • Sustainability: the pending transformation

    Sustainability: the pending transformation


    Our organizations are behaving like addicts: they enjoy today’s pleasures while jeopardizing their future and that of society. Organizations must look beyond their half-hearted attempts at social responsibility and towards a profound transformation that can really generate an impact.

    Human beings took 496 million years to develop a neocortex. This allowed them to be the first living things to process complex […]

  • Strengthening organizational culture in the age of remote work

    Strengthening organizational culture in the age of remote work


    Building a culture should be the goal of every organization – and the responsibility of every leader. A strong culture is the secret ingredient that allows companies to compete and thrive in their markets.

  • Star Wars, a visionary enterprise treatise

    Star Wars, a visionary enterprise treatise


    Not such a long time ago, in a corporate galaxy not that far, far away, an extreme situation tested people’s capacity to manage change.

    * Spoiler warning for the Star Wars saga *

  • Should we give it another try – or go back to basics?

    Should we give it another try – or go back to basics?


    For a social group to be strong and unified, it must act the part. 

    But if you look at the ongoing pandemic and at how it has transformed our culture, you will find that people, generally, take very little care of themselves – or of each other. And this despite being fully aware of Covid-19, its effects, and the preventive measures that should be adopted in response.

  • Do companies dream of electric sheep?

    Do companies dream of electric sheep?


    Companies are the sum of their constituent parts. They must be attuned to the emotions and even the soul of their workforce. That is what organizational health is all about – and every high-level decision either strengthens or weakens it. In these times of fear, despair, and tiredness, are our companies doing what needs to be done to halt the infectious spread of pessimism?

    Óscar Velasco, Associate Director of […]